Gaughan Psychological Services of Overland Park & Kansas City

Are you looking for freedom from anxiety and depression?
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Gaughan Psychological Services of Overland Park, Kansas City

Are you looking for freedom from anxiety and depression?
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Welcome to Gaughan Psychological Services of Overland Park and the Kansas City metro. I’m Dr. Eric Gaughan. As a psychologist I’m committed to helping people who feel trapped by anxiety and depression find emotional freedom and mental peace, so they can recapture joy in their life. If this sounds like what you’re looking for in your life right now, I hope you’ll reach out to me.


Meet Dr. Eric Gaughan

I’m an experienced psychotherapist with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

I’ve had the opportunity to help many people make significant life changes and enjoy more fulfilling lives.

I’m licensed in Kansas and Missouri, and I work with adults in my Overland Park office and via online teletherapy sessions.

Clinical Services

Psychotherapy is a practical and result-oriented form of therapy that helps individuals work toward achieving real, actionable goals. I enjoy working with people who have lifelong struggles with anxiety, depression, and related conditions that stem from these concerns.

Using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), I help individuals to understand the sources of their struggles and develop skills to better manage disruptive emotions and negative thought and behavior patterns. 

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Who Should Consider Working with Dr. Gaughan?

Like any interpersonal relationship, working with a psychotherapist isn’t for everyone, but it could be for you if you’re really committed to investing in work that delivers long-term results and real change like:

  • Relief from your emotional pain or suffering
  • Freedom from your anxiety and depression
  • Mental  and emotional peace
  • Hope about you future – to know that things can and will get better
  • The ability to control your anxiety and depression instead of being controlled by them

Schedule Your Introductory Session

If you’re interested in learning more about Gaughan Psychological Services or what it’s like to work with me, please get in touch. We’ll get started with a short, complimentary consultation over the phone. This session gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your psychotherapy solutions before your first full session. It’s a great first step toward investing in your long-term goals.

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